"I continued yelling, "Drop your gun" as I began pulling my trigger back to shoot the poacher.  Not dropping his gun forced me several times during the standoff to pull the trigger on my .40 caliber Sig Sauer"

From the story "Flight, Fight, or Both"


"I could see three more camouflage rifle toting figures walking directly toward my location...I was already within easy rifle range so I knew I had to do something quickly.  God looked out for me again, for when I glanced around I saw a single large hickory tree only 10 feet to my left.  It was the only tree within a hundred yards...The men closed the distance between us.  I readied my .308 to make it a fair fight if it came down to that.  One against three with two more near my feet.  Almost there...I yelled out, "Stop!  Police!  Drop your guns!"  No response..." 

From the story "Illegal Aliens Poaching our Deer"


"The suspects (shooting salmon) told my dad that if the DNR comes they shoot and kill him...I ran at the vehicle dragging my dad and dove at the driver"

From the story "Dragging my Dad"


"As I ran my hand over the suspect's pocket, I immediately recognized the shape of a handgun.  The suspect was now pulling upward trying to pull the gun out in an attempt to shoot me"

From the story "Saturday Night Special"


"I made out the shape of a vehicle driving right at me without its headlights on (some other idiot was also driving without his headlights on).  I crashed..."

From the story "Driving While Blacked Out"


"I layed there undetected as the suspects threw more beer bottles into the river and cussed and cursed about killing Americans and repeatedly stabbed..."

From the story "Going to Kill Americans"