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This outdoor adventure book encourages people to enjoy the goodness of nature and to learn about the holistic healing powers nature has for both our physical and mental wellbeing.  In addition, this book emphasizes the need to conserve and protect our cherished outdoor world.  By following nature's path, readers will be exposed to many outdoor educational facts and find out how this path led the author to becoming the one chosen to protect the very nature that we love so much. 

Nature's Path

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    Reviews for Wildlife 911: On Patrol

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    In the book Wildlife 911, officer Borkovich shares stories of very serious and often humorous scenes he encountered while on patrol. ""9-134 and his readers are in service"" The book gives us a greater appreciation for the work of a Michigan Conservation Officer. From illegal immigrants to nasty deer poachers, the book keeps your attention from beginning to end.
    -Kody K.

    "Love love these stories. The variety of stories range from funny to terrifying and make me realize how dedicated John was to protecting our natural resources. He really put himself out there to enforce the conservation laws."
    -Susan B.

    "You can't help but read story after story! They really keep you interested!"
    -Jeff M.

    "I love the stories that are in this book! So hard to put it down to save some stories for later. Jimmy Hoffa Bird has so much humor, along with Yellow Curb Paint! But I was almost in tears reading about Deer Rescued By Tow Truck Driver. How awesome it was of you to tell the story with Jason Schultz from Preferred Towing."
    -Keri R.

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